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Presented by Dr. Leah Santiago, one of Escochecks Academy's Resource Speaker

Dr. Leah May M. Santiago is a registered cost accountant (UK), certified bookkeeper (UK), and a certified public accountant (Philippines). She is currently the chairperson of the Accountancy department in the Yu An Log College of Business and Accountancy of the University of St. La Salle (USLS) in Bacolod City
where she is an assistant professor. She currently handles the accountancy internship program and has 24 years of experience in teaching basic accounting, partnership, and corporation, accounting for non-accountants, cost accounting and control, and strategic cost management.

In this course, the program aims... make the participants understand and appreciate accounting as the language of business. The course will introduce participants to various concepts and principles under generally accepted accounting principles.

The accounting cycle for both service and merchandising businesses will be discussed. Students would learn to identify business transactions and how they are recorded. Students would also be taught how to adjust account balances and prepare financial statements.

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